Who We Are

Who we are

Science. We are the nerdy, science kids you’ll find actively juggling test tubes and petridishes middle of the night. We refuse to grow old enough to stop learning. In our private space, you will find us constantly learning, studying, thinking, experimenting, and developing, all with a passion and zen like atmosphere. We formed what is called ForU to connect the world to the ground breaking inventions we come out with from our little scientific space.

What started as a small laboratory and experimental manufacturing out of a backyard 25 years ago, is today a topnotch research institute and a manufacturer of unbeatable aqua remedies. We are the passionate bunch who seek problems and not profits. From day one, we have only been in quest for problems and put our minds and sweat into inventing a revolutionary formula or remedy for a problem. Every single product that has ever come out from our research and product development had been a success and strive for further improvements in an already successful formulation is a continuous process for us.

We like to associate each day of our’s with science

In a nut shell, ForU International Pvt.Ltd. is an organization that provides a holistic system of solutions to Aqua Culture. It comprises of our very own R&D institute called ForU Biosciences where an international level cutting-edge research and development in the field of life sciences takes place round the clock. The research specific to aqua culture however, are further subjected to product development, quality testing and safety and efficacy trails in our own high- end hatchery and pond culture testing facilities. After rigorous R&D and testing, the successful formulae are finally manufactured at our ForU International manufacturing facility. We then finally provide our end users, i.e. farmers with our field consultation through experienced technicians, along with water and microbiological testing from our mobile laboratories.

Our products take you through every stage of the culture beginning from pond preparation till the very end including field consultation, testing and portable test kits.

A unique note about us is that we ONLY manufacture groundbreaking research products that come out of our pioneering research and do not sell any existing generic formulations. That is the difference between a common man owning a company and a scientist owning a company.

Our goal is to provide aqua culture a holistic system of remedies which have succeeded in

Our Story

D.V.V.Satyanarayana Raju is a pioneer in aqua culture to begin first ever ground water project in India for aqua culture and the first one to get official approval from EMPEDA. An organic chemist by education, and a research scholar in the field of life sciences, he is a renowned scientist who took the path of product development in aqua culture using his research driven inventions. With a passion for path breaking innovations, he has formulated revolutionary remedies for aqua culture more than 20 years ago which do not have counterparts in the market even till today. Before he founded the company, he had gained immense and diverse expertise in aqua culture through aqua culture training in national institutes such as CIFE & TASSPARK, culturing, and consultations throughout AP. He also owns the credit to have been the first one to start a compact backyard hatchery in AP.

His goal being providing a wholesome system for aqua culture, he functions from his research institute For ‘U’ Biosciences located in Visakhapatnam spending most of his time in research and development. Passionate for science, he has excelled in various life sciences such as Biotechnology, Microbiology, Phytochemistry, Immunology, Genetics etc over the past two decades. He now proudly owns bacterial strains more than the national institutes for microbiology themselves under his For ‘U’ Biosciences roof. A man with hunger for knowledge, he is known for his never ending endeavor to learn.

His philosophy behind For ‘U’ International is to lay a foundation for a sustainable aqua culture with scientific and futuristic remedies that specifically target the root cause in as organic and eco-friendly way as possible.